Dirty Looks Tribute

We’ve been asked a lot of questions about our upcoming Dirty Looks Tribute show.

How did the show come about?
Back in the early 1980’s Brent was a member of the Modern Day Scenics. (Mars joined the band as lead singer in 1984). In addition to their original material, the Scenics played a handful of Dirty Looks cover songs. The band broke up in 1988. Brent and Mars got married and decided to focus on careers and family.
In 2008 they returned as Malnack playing a combination of Scenics originals, new material, and some power pop tunes by the Producers and Dirty Looks.
In 2012 they recorded and released a cover of Dirty Looks 12 O’clock High. Along the way some Dirty Looks fans found it and shared it on the Dirty Looks Facebook group. This led to Dirty Looks drummer Peter Parker Minucci and Brent becoming friends. After several conversations, Brent and Mars asked Peter if he would like to play drums on some Dirty Looks songs. In February of 2014, Peter came to Omaha and played on two tracks; Love Crimes, and Kiss of Death.
While in town, Peter and Brent sat down for an interview on Scott Voorhees Show on KFAB. The project went so well, they invited Peter back to Omaha to play a full Dirty Looks set.

What Dirty Looks songs will you be playing?
At the moment, the set list is:
Tailing You
Let Go
Love Crimes
12 O’clock High
You Can’t Love Me
You’re Too Old
They Got Me Covered
Kiss of Death
Drop That Tan

Who are the Ivy Spokes?
The Ivy Spokes are a great band from Milwaukee. This will be their first performance in Nebraska.

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Naive Filter to back Peter Parker Minucci as Dirty Looks Tribute

Lincoln Show:

Omaha Show:

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Site Launch


We’ve decided it was time to create a formal site for the band in addition to the Reverb Nation site. During the next few days we’ll be making cosmetic adjustments.


Naïve Filter

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